reinstalling the steering wheel on an 87 5ktq

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Tue Aug 16 04:55:28 EDT 2005

There are 3 things that can affect the gap between the horn contact and the
steering wheel.
1st:   If the steering column has been disconnected from the steering rack
there is room for almost a 1/4 inch of travel along the splined connection
to the rack with the pinch bolt in place. I normally would push the shaft
onto the rack just far enough to get the pinch bolt thru. Then snug the bolt
down a little and use a brass punch on the shaft I would tap the shaft down
until I got the correct gap. if the spring keep pulling the shaft back up
tighten the pinch bolt a little more. If the shaft doesn't move down  loosen
the bolt a little.
2nd:  If you have the upper column housing out to replace a lock cylinder or
upper bearing, the housing is slotted for the bolts to allow a little
adjustment. I try to put it back where it started out, mark it with a felt
pen or a scratch awl.
3rd: The steering column switch assemble is clamped to the upper column tube
and can be adjusted up or down to get the correct gap. Early cars had a
Philips screw accessed from the lower side thru a hole in the trim bezel.
screw driver goes in at an angle pointing up toward the A-pillar. Latter
cars use an Allen bolt but similar angle and access. I often left the
assembly loose enough that it could be moved by carefully twisty the switch
stalks back and forth slightly while pushing or pulling. Don't push or pull
on the trim bezel because the switch assemble is attached to the bezel with
3 or 4 very thin screws and the plastic of the bezel splits and crumbles
where the screws are all on its own, no help needed.


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> On Sunday 14 August 2005 11:53 am, mike wrote:
> > It's not sitting on the turn signal cancelling thing
> > is it?
> >
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> No, what it looks like is that the box with the turn and light signals
> be too far down the column which is causing the gap between the steering
> wheel and it. I had forgotten that my son had pulled that unit to check
> turn signal canceling mechanism. When he reinstalled it he might have
> it deeper on the steering shaft.
> Thanks for the input
> George
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