wheel bearings

cobram@juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Aug 17 13:02:24 EDT 2005

The bearings HAVE to go in dry.  A bit of a discussion on this a while
back (Hi Phil) and the dire consequences of lubing the bearing should
they seize or overheat.  I changed the bearing in a hub assembly that had
been sitting out in the weather for who knows how long, Hub Shark handled
it with no problems.  Regardless of whether you use a press or an on the
car tool such as the Shark, alignment is the most important thing, the
bearing CAN NOT be cocked and must be straight.

It's so damn hot... milk was a bad choice.

Max Wellhouse <maxjoyce at ipa.net> writes:

> rusty bore and the outer races to remove.  they are REALLY in 
> there.  thought about sanding and cleaning the rust to see if that 
> helps, but may have to get a small diamond wheel cutter in there to 

> better than the removal.  And plenty of anti-sieze will coat that 
> bore before the pressing of the new bearing goes in!!  I had hell 
> just getting the inner and outer circlips out!!

> >car, do you need a press?  if so, is there any way to remove the 
> bearings without a press?  Thank you!

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