Low control pressure and/or high system pressure????

Cody Forbes cody at 500tq.com
Wed Aug 17 20:54:54 EDT 2005

I was driving along after a long trip in my '86 5k-t-q KZ engine and as I was exiting the highway at my exit I noticed the engine didn't want to rev above 3000rpm. Driving to my house I experimented and found no way no how was the engine going over 3 grand, even clutch in and WOT. I didn't do much more then park it in my driveway after that, as I had just driven 800miles in a day. 4 weeks later I decided to take it to work (was carpooling). On the way in I decided it was the fuel filter being clogged. I replaced the filter, then dumped out the old one and found a ton of nasty stuff confirming my guess. When I went to leave work I had no change.

What it seems to be doing after further investigating is the system seems to run exponentially richer as load increases. If I have my allen wrench on the fuel plate adjustment and hold the throttle wide open (engine goes to 3000rpm - no more) then push down on the allen the engine accelerates. If I adjust it at idle to where the engine sounds happy my effective rev-limit is 3000rpm, but if I adjust it while holding 2500rpm until the engine sounds happy it goes so lean at idle that it wont run. A new set of plugs turned utterly BLACK after about 2.5 miles of driving with the adjustment as lean as I could get it. When I hold it WOT and look at the rear I can see clouds of black smoke.

Please tell me something other then "call worldpac and order a $180, at cost ($336 list), pressure reg"!


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