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Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 22:41:51 EDT 2005

I'd go with the second, but they are both pretty close. 
The temp gauge could be a simple as the wiring on the sender, or the sender itself. IT's the one on top of the water housing at the front of the head. Right where the upper radiator hose goes into the head. Quite often I've seen them broken off as well.
The flashing lights meght be a bit more complicated to troubleshoot, but not a dealbreaker either. Putting heated seats into one without them is a pain. I helped a friend do it years ago in Montana. Not easy at all. 
Quite often the window problems (especially in the rear) are switch related. You can clean them with contact cleaner after removing them.
Tony Hoffman

Rory <armodis at speakeasy.net> wrote:
I've found two potential 4k quattro's, and since you're the experts I figured I 
run this by y'all before I make my final decision...

How do these prices look? Do these pretty much represent good stock 4ks with 
the typical minor problems? Does anything jump out as a big NO? Do the 85's 
have the correct wiring harness to plug in heated leather seats if the car 
didn't originally come with them? Are the gages easy to find/fix?

Thanks again !

85 4kSQ $1500
approx 230k miles

belstein shocks with H&R springs
straight body
decent original paint (white)
no leaks that I can find
no starting problems
no smoke when starting (according to owner)
timing belt in good condition (according to owner)
owner recently changed the front diff/transmission oil, rear diff oil, coolant,
engine oil and spark plugs
power accessories work
no exhaust leaks
no noise from wheel barrings or motor
the headliner doesn't sag
diff lock switch works and diffs lock

several owners (at least four)
engine ticks for a minute or so until warm (suggests manifold crack?)
A/C compressor probably needs to be replaced
odometer doesn't work
emergency flasher, temp gage, and emergency brake dash lights all turn on when 
the voltage reaches 13 volts

86 4kCSQ $1450
approx 200k miles

one owner
always serviced by certified audi repair center by schedule/recommendation
leather heated seats
straight body
decent original paint (charcoal)
no starting problems
no smoke when starting
timing belt and water pump changed - follow schedule
front diff/tranny oil, rear diff oil, coolant - follow recommendation
no exhaust leaks
no noise from wheel barrings or motor
headliner doesn't sag

broken door handle
one passenger window doesn't work
diff switch and temp gage don't work
shifting problem (my guess is linkage)
valve cover leak

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