NAC - going to Kentuky - places to visit?

Unka Bart gatorojo at
Fri Aug 19 09:07:20 EDT 2005

Hi Ben,

To add to what others have already suggested, Ft Knox, is worth a visit 
just to see the Armor Museum.  Not as in "suits of," but as in Tanks 
and other armored vehicles.  They have examples of nearly every kind of 
armored vehicle used since the very first tanks in WWI to the present, 
and you can climb on and in nearly all of them.  Guy heaven, for sure!  
But like Dave C said, don't expect a tour of the Gold depository.  It 
ain't gonna happen.

I also second Dave C's suggestion to visit Mammoth Cave, and it's in 
the vicinity of Ft. Knox anyway.

Yer kindly ol' Unka Whatizface

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