Allan Schneider allans at
Sun Aug 21 10:00:04 EDT 2005

I have a 1999 A6 . The drain tray vents under the A/c cooler/air handler 
clogged. The overflow went into the right front seat of the car , seeped 
into the insulation and then into the computer under the right front 
seat . The computer was "cooked" or shall I say drowned. This computer 
handles the transmission. There are drains leading down from the sun 
roof and the grill just in front of the windshield that empty into this 
tray as well. Allot of water backed up into the floor under the front 
seat.  One very good downpour and two trips through the car wash and I 
was done.

The part is 1600.00 dollars plus more some assorted electrical parts 
also found under the front seat .Plus 6 hours of labor. They are also 
not sure that the transmission has  not been damaged until the part( 
Computer) is temporarily installed and the transmissions  operation 
verified. If the transmission is also cooked as well I am quite finished.

Any one with any helpful thoughts suggestions or ideas pls contact on or 
off this list.

allans at

I loved this car.

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