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Sun Aug 21 11:02:29 EDT 2005

Hello Allen..........Did I miss where you verify if the car is quattro or 
not? It makes a difference when researching used parts. Since you are 
posting on the Q list, it is probably a Q, right?

The tranny is probably OK.

Far-out-possibility: Check with your insurance agent to see if the policy 
covers water damage from storms.

You could dry out the car yourself and put in a used computer, and save 
really big bucks.

Used tranny computers for that car are probably under $1,000......$3-4 
hundred if it isn't a quattro.  Research the nation's salvage yards at

Save another $500 by fixing the water damaged interior yourself.....2 days 
work for a non-professional. You can strip out the front seat and remove 
the wet carpet and underlayment yourself, and dry out the cabin. The water 
will have gone into the rear foot well also, probably. Plan on a day's work 
getting it all out and dry, and another day getting in the new stuff. Maybe 
a third day just finding the materials .

Assemble lots of towels and a hair dryer. You will need several sturdy 
garbage bags for the wet underlayment/padding/insulation. Throw away 
everything but the carpet.  Dry the carpet may have to use a 
carpet cutter and remove it from the car and dry it out somewhere else. I 
compromised with some carpet-cutting and using short wooden posts  to 
elevate the wet carpet about a foot above the floorboards, so I could get 
out the underlayment and put inn towels, and then blow dry the floor.

Save some money by replacing the padding/underlayment with inch-thick wool 
carpet pads from an automobile custom interior shop....a place that does 
custom cabins for hot rods and restorations.  They sell it by the roll in 3 
foot widths. You will need about 6 running feet, sturdy scissors, a carpet 
knife and a steel ruler to cut against.

Doyt Echelberger
(did 2 cars with wet foot wells that were pretty much like you describe.)

At 10:00 AM 8/21/2005, you wrote:
>I have a 1999 A6 . The drain tray vents under the A/c cooler/air handler
>clogged. The overflow went into the right front seat of the car , seeped
>into the insulation and then into the computer under the right front
>seat . The computer was "cooked" or shall I say drowned. This computer
>handles the transmission. There are drains leading down from the sun
>roof and the grill just in front of the windshield that empty into this
>tray as well. Allot of water backed up into the floor under the front
>seat.  One very good downpour and two trips through the car wash and I
>was done.
>The part is 1600.00 dollars plus more some assorted electrical parts
>also found under the front seat .Plus 6 hours of labor. They are also
>not sure that the transmission has  not been damaged until the part(
>Computer) is temporarily installed and the transmissions  operation
>verified. If the transmission is also cooked as well I am quite finished.
>Any one with any helpful thoughts suggestions or ideas pls contact on or
>off this list.
>allans at
>I loved this car.

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