Fuel Injector - when to replace

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I've never had any "wear out" per say, just get clogged.  Unless that 
happens, I wouldn't worry about them. Maybe someone else out there  has a different 

Tony Hoffman

Al S  <streichea001 at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
I have 202K miles on my 1990 80  (non-Q). It still runs nice and revs into
the 5k's OK. I know that things  wearout over time, so what is the norm for
fuel injectors and associated  hardware. I don't see any leaks or broken
Al  Streicher
Mililani, HI.

1990 80  black

Injectors can wear (or age) to the point of leaking, which will cause hard  
starting, and poor fuel economy (and general engine unhappiness). This can also 
 wash the cylinder walls, causing undo ring wear and early oil  burning.


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