5KTQ topend sluggishness

jesper moreau jesper5ktqm.audi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 21:17:25 EDT 2005

Im experiencing a few inadequacies, one major one actually. After 5 -
5 1/2k rpms, substantially less pull.
-not a stock engine
     -k24 turbo
     -272 cam
     -upgraded 3 piece euro manifold
     -3" turbo back exhaust
     -singlepass IC w/ FORGE bypass valve

The boost is there... 1.8 strong
I feel the fuel is being restricted slightly
beyond 5K just seems a bit sluggish

problem 2 - after reconstruction from a fender bender (using an airbox
and fuel dist. from a donor car) while reving, the rpm's take a lot
longer to come back down.
-idle mixture?
-deceleration valve?

Thank you all for reading!
Jesper Moreau
'88 5KTQ rocket
'86 5KTQ stocket

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