100 vs. A6

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Sun Aug 21 23:14:28 EDT 2005

Ti Kan wrote:
>The 1992-1994 100 and the 1995-1997 A6 are mostly the same, but during
>the name change there were also some changes to the bumpers, lights,
>hood, and other minor details.  All US C4 platform cars came with
>the 2.8 V6 12V engine except the 1992-1994 S4 and 1995 S6, which
>have the 2.3 turbo I5 20V.

Thanks Ti . . .

I remember a lot of list members saying if I get something much newer than
my 89 200, that reliability of stuff as well as diagnostics goes way up.

I have been looking at 94, 95, 96, etc. 100 or A-6s.   I am wondering
what is the earliest of these that I can get used that I have a pretty
good chance that I won't run into innovation (first of something) problems,
etc. or know problems.

It seems that 95 or 96 might be safe, but what about 92, 93, 94???

Thanks Fay


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