Speaking of 4000 model specs.....

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About 15 years ago I saw and used thick catalogs of automotive paint chips 
(published by paint manufacturers such as PPG) which listed the vehicles 
that had that paint as original color. The chips were keyed to the formulas 
for mixing that color in the paint store. Then, the responsible painter had 
to use judgement in adjusting the mix to accommodate age and fading.

Where are all the catalogs?  I haven't visited an auto paint store in a few 
years. Maybe there is an online catalog somewhere. Chime in here all you 
car painter/people who are in touch with an auto paint supplier.

At 01:58 PM 8/22/2005, you wrote:
>If you guys have color-matching in mind this will not work. By the time the
>image is scanned, printed and then put into a paint mixing computer, it will
>be all out of whack. Doyt would need to take his chips straight to a paint
>mixer and write down under every chip the paint formula with the scan. Don't
>know if you are up for that much work, but it would be of great help to the
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> >I once found on the web a scanned image of the paint options for the
> >4000 or coupe(can't remember which at the moment). It was just a chip
> >sheet scanned in,Anyone know where this image is off hand? I've been
> >hunting for days now and can't seem to find the website it was on. May
> >also be a handy thingto add to the knowledge base.
> >
> >Regards!
> >Brendan
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>I have an original slick color brochure for the Audi 4000 line for 1986.
>I'll scan the color chip page and attach it to a personal email directed to
>your address. Please arrange for it to be accepted and not screened out by
>your spamcatchers.
>Fair warning....it is on the way in a few minutes.
>Doyt Echelberger
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