sunroof 4000CS

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Mon Aug 22 21:28:24 EDT 2005

The best thing to do is pull the sunroof out. Oh, wait, it has to slide open first!! OOOOPS!!
Start by opening the sunroof as much as it will go toward the rear. Then, pull the sunroof cover. The one with the switch, that is. Then, pull the screws that hold the motor assy in place. There are two, they have slotted openings they go through. The two shorter ones just hold the motor assy together. Now, you can see if you can slide the sunroof open any farther by hand. Sometimes it is necessary to push down on the rear of the sunroof where it goes into the back of the roof. If you can get it to slide open, you are on the downhill side. If not, something inside the sunroof mechanism is broken or lodged, and I'm stuck there.
If you got the sunroof open, pull the countersunk screws on the top of it. There are two on each side of the wind deflecotor. Pull the other tow for the actuating rods first, then those four. Then pull the rest, and pull the covers off the cables. The cables may fly out at this point. Now you should be able to pull the whole sunroof assy out, clean and lubricate, and put back together. While it is appart, look closely for anything broken. Quite common are the pieces on each side that guide the lid up and down. They have a groove and a slot in them. 
Anyone remember anything I might have forgotten? It's been a while since Ive had a 4000 sunroof out.
Oh, on the 90, you should be able to pull the whole assembly out of the car in one piece. In other words, don't pull the short screws out of the side rails, They hold the top and bottom together.
Tony Hoffman  

Evan Parker <evan at> wrote:
Mine does this exactly as well in my 90q. PB blaster didn't help it at
all :( I have no idea what to do with it.

Subject: sunroof 4000CS

Greetings all,

Working on the newly acquired 86 4000CS. While waiting for parts
ordered thought I'd work on the electric sunroof. It will tilt up
normally but will not slide back. Starts to go back about 1/2 inch then
stops. Hand over-riding same thing. Gets stuck tight after trying to
hand open. I have the Bentley put it is very sparing in info for some
topics. Any tricks?

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