Tiptronic transmission

Cody Forbes cody at 500tq.com
Thu Aug 25 20:02:21 EDT 2005

David wrote:
> If that one in the beatle was the same as the one that was in a
> friend's Ghia...it wasn't half bad, sorta fun. Not sure how it
> worked, I always thought it was a manual where the clutch was somehow
> conencted to the stick shifter. Anyone know for sure?
> Dave
> 1987 CGT 2.3

It had a vacuum operated standard clutch that declutched automaically when 
it sensed you touching the shift lever, plus a torque convertor.

Sport-o-matics in 911's were EXTREMELY rare, production numbers range in the 
teens to 100's depending on who you ask. They also built 4 914-6's with 
sport-o-matics, and a handful of 914s.

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