bad optima battery...any other negative experiences? Positivewith lead acid.....

Cody Forbes cody at
Sat Aug 27 15:32:25 EDT 2005

> If we're to believe half the hype surrounding
> these batteries, makes you wonder why it's not OEM in every new car,
> truck, bus and motorcycle out there.  More so with all the long new
> vehicle warranties out there.

I have little personal experiance with them, other then a friend's audio 
shop dealt with them exclusively with no issues that I know of. My only 
honest defense is along the lines of the above. While it's true that no OEM 
road cars use them, our very own beloved Audi R8's do use them right from 
the factory - along with about every other top level car you can find. The 
reasoning may be different (advertising sponsorship I'd bet), but even so it 
is an application where they seem to shine. I do recall watching them 
replace one during Le Mans 2002 in an R8, but thats one out of a much larger 

-Cody Forbes
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