200 20v strange multiple hyd failures.

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 28 09:22:53 EDT 2005

David Glubrecht wrote:
<tail of woe regarding lots of brake system leaks snipped>

 > Pass side could be explained by a stick or piece of metal getting
 > caught and ripping both lines. Drivers side looks like a fairly
 > normal failure, but all this happened while parked! Clutch looks
 > like a hose failure, but I have these hoses fail. None of the hoses
 > looks cut or signs of anything sharp cut them. Possibly a few signs
 > of an animal in the area, but I do not believe any of the hoses looks
 > like they have been chewed on either. Defiantly not all (still need
 > to remove the clutch line for closer inspection). I do not believe
 > any body is trying to kill me, at least I keep telling myself that.
 > Anybody want to try and explain?

You seemed to cover most of what I would consider. How about
a) bad luck
b) old Audi woes

The burst lines could be due to old age, but it is possible the
hydraulic pump is putting out too much pressure (I don't know
how or why it would), causing the OK-for-normal-pressure lines
to burst. Just speculation on my part. But that doesn't explain
the ABS wires being cut/broken. So I'd go with b) then a).

Kent McLean
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