used A6? need advice

Jim Dupree jdupree914 at
Mon Aug 29 18:03:55 EDT 2005

I have a 96 A6q sedan sitting in my driveway. It has
190K miles on it and it drive and shifts fine. I don't
know the history on it and have only put a few hundred
miles myself but it does show that the car can make it
this far. I bought it at auction to replace my wife's
current vehicle but she does not think we need to full
sized Audi's and thinks that if we keep the A6 then I
should sell the 93 S4. 
When I got the car the brakes were worn out, it needed
front shocks, front strut rod bushing and a front
wheel bearing. Nothing beyond normal wear. I also
replaced the timing belt since I had no history and
did a full maintenance service. It runs great and
drives great, shifting is smooth and solid. I like the
car a lot in fact I am tempted to sell the S4 and keep
the A6 but I spent a lot of years wanting the S4 and I
have only had it a little over a year.
The only repairs I did (ore it needs) that are not
normal wear:
Wires to the sunroof motor were broken, may have been
related to the stash of dope stuffed under the cover
for the sunroof motor but I'm not sure. Spliced the
wires and tossed the stash and now the sunroof works
Needs a T-stat, either stuck open or removed. Engine
take a very long time to warm up. I should have done
it when I replace the timing belt but I wanted to get
a known good belt on it so I could drive it and see
what else it might need I did not want to be trying to
figure out if the rt whl bearing was noise or the left
and have the t-belt let go :(
I guess my point is that either I found a good one or
these are much more reliable cars than the type 44s.
All the window switches work, the AC works the seat
heaters work, the door locks work. The headlights, fog
lights, turn signals, interior lights, power seats,
power mirrors all work.
I don't know about  fuel mileage but I can't imagine
that it gets great mileage it is a fairly heavy car.
Good luck

--- Keith Lawyer <LawyerKG at> wrote:

> Wow, the thread's heading off track already.  I had
> hoped for more concrete input from actual A6 owners
> I didn't understand the reference to the "new Ford
> sedan" but we drove a Ford Five Hundred AWD, which
> happened to have the CVT.  Let's just say I don't
> like the CVT.  At all.  And have no further interest
> in pursuing one with a "normal" autobox.
> And for personal reasons I wont' drive a Subaru,
> even tho I admit they are practical, reliable,
> affordable and possibly even fun.  'Nuf said.
> Passat would have to be used as there's no dealer
> within 4 hours of me, same holds true for Audi of
> course...and Acura for that matter
> Anyone have input on the '96 A6 in question?
> Keith L
> >>> Michael McLaughlin <mcloffs at> 8/29/2005
> 2:17:20 PM >>>
> Actually, the 3/current European Focus are related
> (as is the Volvo 
> S40/V50), and Mazda did much of the engineering.
> It's not related to 
> the U.S. Focus.
> To address Keith's search for a car: I agree the
> Passat could be a good 
> choice. They seem to be more reliable than their
> Audi counterparts.
> Have you looked at any Subarus?
> -Mike
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