Center Carrier bearings and where did reverse go?

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Tue Aug 30 00:09:48 EDT 2005

The CE's were only in '86. They had a red leather interior.
Anyhow, very common. Check the linkage where it goes into the trans. There is a cast iron piece about 2" tall, with a ball type joint cast into it. It quite often gets play in it. It is about $45 last time I checked. If not, check it's mounting screw I believe 10mm. It's right in the side. I'd probably go out there with some carb cleaner also, it's usually pretty covered in grease. If that's not it, you may have to pull the linkage out of the spline right above the center diff. when you slide it back in, realign it and slide it back in. Trial and error will eventually get it.
Tony Hoffman

Screaming deal, BTW. Wish those were a little more common here in LAs Vegas :)

Shawn Manny <shawn.manny at> wrote:

Just picked up an 87 4kq CS Commemorative edition (the all white ones
with white wheels) for $100

Got the car all finished up went to back out of my drive way and
instead drove squarely into the fron of my race car...scratches reverse to be found. Is there a common linkeage that comes
undone or how.what do I check. The bentley is no good here at all
unless I want to disasemble the tranny...Im not going that far.

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