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Thu Dec 1 10:24:00 EST 2005

I'd be willing to wager there is an airleak @ the injector. Looking from the
inside, there is a brass Injector holder. under neath that you'll find an
O-ring as well as a plastic inner sheath that snaps onto the holder. I would
go through and replace all o-rings and plastic inner sheathes if you haven't
done so already. I had the same issue on my vehicle. Now I am on all five at
here are the parts:

o-ring -
plastic holder -

On 12/1/05, Eyvind Spangen <200q20v at> wrote:
> Today, I helped a friend replacing injectors on his MC engine. The engine
> was idling rough, missing and sometimes not idling at all. Most of the
> time
> OK when driving.
> We replaced the injectors, the old ones were really bad. The big problem
> now - the car now idles on 4 cylinders all the time, and otherwise behaves
> just as before when idling and slow driving. With higher engine speed
> (over
> 2500 rpm), it runs fine most of the time, but sometimes missing and
> sputtering. The missing cylinder at idle is always #4, but there is fuel
> in
> the injector and spark on the spark plug.
> It just looks like the injector replacement made things even worse than
> before. Plugs, cap, rotor and wires are new. Now we really don't know
> where
> to start. Any ideas?
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> E. Spangen
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