Rear brake caliper

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Thu Dec 1 16:51:30 EST 2005

On Dec 1, 2005, at 11:42 AM, David Torrey wrote:

> Quattro list
>   Yesterday, I replaced the front rotors and pads on my '93 100CSQ  
> Avant.  While I was at it,  I bled the brake system and filled with  
> new fluid.  When I got to the left rear caliper the brake fluid was  
> barely escaping through the bleed nipple.  I boosted the pressure  
> on my bleeder to 25 psi which helped out slightly.  Has anyone  
> experienced this?  I didn't take the time to disconnect the brake  
> hose going in to the caliper to determine if I had adequate flow  
> before going in to the caliper.  This caliper has emergency brake  
> linkage as well.  I wonder if there is an internal problem with the  
> caliper or possibly something wrong with the ABS controller?

I'm not positive if the 100CSQ would have it, but on earlier cars  
there is a proportioning valve linked off the rear suspension; look  
for a linkage with a spring attached to a lever mechanism with brake  
lines in+out.

Clamp it as if the suspension were fully compressed (ie the lever  
should go UP) and you should see some more flow.


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