84 kq locking diffs

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Fri Dec 2 22:25:44 EST 2005


Let's start with a refresh of the original quattro system.  It had 3 
diffs - front, rear and center.  The front is never lockable, since 
that impedes steering.  The center and rear are lockable.  The rear 
only below ~20 mph and intended only for extreme conditions - like 
stuck. The center diff could be run at any speed (and I did) and could 
be locked to avoid fishtailing, etc. With it open, the car could be a 
handful in the snow.

So you will never lock the front diff.
And you dont want to lock the rear until all other options are 

So it works just as you want it to, if I understand you properly.

On Dec 2, 2005, at 12:00 PM, quattro-request at audifans.com wrote:

> From: RICHARD KROL <rlk501 at msn.com>
> Date: December 2, 2005 10:01:29 AM EST
> To: quattro at audifans.com
> Subject: 84 4kq locking differentials
> Why does the selector switch on my 84 4kq lock the front differentials 
> first?  If I switched the vacuum lines to lock the rears first would 
> that harm the quattro system?.  If I drove with only the rear 
> differential locked would that work.
> Rick
> 84 4kq
> 99 A4

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