Bad CV joint

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This site gives you step by step instructions >
Very similar to what you need to do.
Instead of Pulling off the balancer from the crankshaft, you will Pushing
the axle out from the hub.

Essentially, you fix the puller to the hub via 3 bolts (wheel lugs). Then
you turn the center bolt to push out the axle.
Not much force needed for this. All you are breaking is the locking compound
they put at the end of the axle plus any rust etc.

You can rent(free) one of these pullers from Autozone.

I dont know if you need to buy some parts there are not. Buy a gallon of
windshield washer fluid and they  wont give you a hassle.

I used a universal 3 legged hub puller because thats what I have.
look at part ET 1156A - Heavy Duty Universal Hub Puller

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> From: "Nathan Ray" <skimaster77 at>
> Subject: Bad CV joint
>........ I lifted the
> car today and found that the outer CV boot was shredded.  To the best of
> knowledge this joint could be the origional, with 240k on it so I would
> to replace it.  I checked the bently and it says you need to press out the
> stub axle, I was wondering if any of you who had done this could elaborate
> for me on what needs to be done to take out the axle.
> thanks
> Nate Ray
> 86' 4kq
> 85' 4kq

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