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Here's the skinny on what Mike describes, complete with illustrations:

At 10:01 PM 12/5/2005 -0500, Mike Arman wrote:
>> "John Sherrow" <jsherrow at>
>> Subject: Re: No heat in my 5ktq (in my car at idle)
>> I've noticed on my car now that its winter. At idle (when stopped at a
>> light) the cabin temperature cools considerably. Cool air is coming from the
>> vents. Once I start driving heat returns. Does this make sense to anyone?
>Sure does . . . take out the climate controller box just forward of the 
>glove box, open it up, and I'll betcha a dime one or more of the vacuum 
>hoses is off or split, or the little in-line filter cannister is broken 
>open. Also check the vacuum line to the heater valve (front side of the 
>firewall, directly behind the engine), and at the top of the heater box 
>where it dives inside - there's a small Tee fitting there, and it is 
>possible one of the hoses has come off.
>What's going on is that there is a vacuum leak somewhere - the heater 
>flaps and valves are vacuum controlled . . . and I think you can figure 
>this out from here . . .
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