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Thanks Huw,
If they came from Bentley then they must be crancksaft degrees at 1mm
(almost 0.05") valve lift.
So if we want to sell them we should add "amazing" 25-30 degrees to duration
and advartise them this way :)
When I show this numbers to a gay from "old school for racing mechanics" -
russian LADA tunner, so he said that it is impossible Audi to have such
short duration cams, and he supposed that maybe this was camshaft degrees
and it must be multiplied by 2. When multiplied we have a real good duration
numbers, but I was surprised that we have cams that close intake at about 80
degrees ABTDC (too much in mi opinion).
Now I have second strange question - 10 degree overlap (at 1mm valve lift) -
is this too much for a high CR turbo engine?

Christo Atanasov

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> > Hi Huw,
> > last days I'm crazy about cam swaps/adjusts in my 200Turbo.
> > If somebody awake me in the night I start to tell about cams specs from
> > web page :)
> All I have there came directly from Bentley manual quotes.
> > I have some quewstions about these specs. I think that open/close
> > are crancksaft degrees, but at what valve lift are they seat degrees or
> > 0.05" valve lift?
> I think that all degree quotes would be crankshaft degrees... is that
> not the "standard"?
> I wish I could help you more...
> -- 
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