Hydr&Solid Cams

Christo Atanasov quattro at elit-auto.com
Tue Dec 13 02:19:58 EST 2005

Hi all,
Last night I try to put cam from my Coupe Quattro (Hydr. lifters) into my 200Ti (solid lifters KG engine).
It doesn't fit straight :(
Solid lifters cam is thicker than hydr lifters one. I mean that lobes and circles in there base are bigger on solid lifter cams.
There is about 2.5mm gap to be fill If I install Quattro cam in KG engine.
Is there a way to do this conversion? I think that I can try to put adjusting shims of about 2.5mm from peugeot (smaler in diameter than Audi ones) between lifter and valve in order to fill this gap.

Christo Atanasov

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