Diesel questions

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Dec 14 12:36:03 EST 2005

Yes, but see condition 4) below...I think my dad is still running an 83 760
TD w/2.2 Audi-sourced engine, tons of miles but he's on something like the
3rd or 4th head/rebuild. I am not sure if he "retired" the Volvo or his 3rd
diesel Rabbit when he finally got the 95 Jetta TDI a couple years ago.

> Didn't the volvo 740 come with a VW/audi diesel engine?
> Completley unresearched knowledge.
> Evan
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> Folks,
> I've been through all of the archives looking for diesel stuff, and have
> a few questions.
> 1. Could any listers in Canada verify that there are Audi (or VW) 2.5
> Turbo Diesel (TDI) engines (stick)  in Canada.
> 2. If so, what cars would they be found in?
> 3. Otherwise, is there anyone on or around the East Coast that has (or
> knows of) an early -mid  '80s Audi TD engine (stick) for sale?
> 4. Have the early '80s problems of head cracking and short lifespan for
> cylinder bores been addressed in later, mid-80s turbo diesels?
> 5. Do any other VAG 4-cyl (or straight 6) diesels share a bell housing
> bolt pattern with the I-5 gas engine?
> I want to swap a diesel into an '86 TQA to run as a test bed for some
> sick modifications to the diesel process. (that have nothing to do with
> alt-fuel
> conversions)
> Anyhow, I've always wanted a TDQA (TQAD?), and wonder why even VW
> doesn't address that with a AWD TDI / stick/ wagon.
> Its not like they don't have all the parts in their bins..
> Mark

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