1988 audi 90Q

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Dec 16 16:12:21 EST 2005

> when i turn on my headlights the left bank of lights on the dash for
> my tachometer and temperature gauge lights are not
> functioning...someone please tell me I can fix this without opening
> up the dashboard...coz i just opened up the dash a couple of months
> ago to change the odometer gears!!! (the dash lights were working
> just fine after i replaced it)...any tricks??...i don't wanna go
> through that again

Well, you're almost certainly going to have to pull the cluster to 
diagnose and fix this.  It might be a bad connection or solder joint 
leading to that section, or perhaps all the bulbs are burnt out (I was 
surprised to see how many there are when I first got my 90Q, about 4 out 
of 12 were good, and it only looked like maybe one was bad)

But it's not too bad to get it out - easier if you remove the steering 
wheel first - but it's only four screws and 3 or 4 connectors which are 
easy to undo - they pop off when you pull the metal clip over them "up".

I did take pictures once when I did this, if they help at all:


The Bentley manual will be useful once you are trying to ID where 
something might be bad, as will a little 12v power supply for testing 
light bulbs.

Huw Powell



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