more on type44 elec. probs (LONG)

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Dec 17 22:32:49 EST 2005

>>c dyer wrote:
>> > 1. when panel was dead, I turned lights on and heard a
>> > buzzing/clicking sound from behind the dr. side a/c
>> > vent (relay panel?). Sound went away when lights were
>> > off. Sound also not there if inst. panel is working.
>> > The noise kind of freaked me out cuz it was kind of
>> > electrical *zap*zap* noise.

I believe your car has a "relay" housed type device that serves to 
supplement the current carried by the instrument/dash light dimmer. 
perhaps that is the source of your problem.  Not sure how to diagnose, 
but maybe playing with the dimmer knob next time it happens will provide 
some, er, illumination.

Huw Powell

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