import vision headlights for '91 - '94 100

Mark R speedracer.mark at
Wed Dec 21 11:39:33 EST 2005

They make replacements for an '87 4KQ?


On 12/21/05, Tom B <dr_hydro at> wrote:
> Thanks for the imput Tom, Kneale, Craig, Nick, John and any others I
> missed.
> I went ahead and ordered a set based on what I heard from you folks. I
> realize that they are an inexpensive knock off, but I also realize they
> are
> going on a 13 y/o car with 250,000 miles on it ;-) Anything has to be
> better
> than the stock headlights, especially with only one of those still intact
> and working lol. I will make sure to post my experience with the Import
> Vision lights as soon as they are installed. If they work as good as some
> have said I have a feeling my '84 4kq will be getting some new "eyes"
> shortly.
> Have a great holiday season,
> Thomas
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