Audi C4 S6 no start

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Thu Dec 22 20:16:27 EST 2005

OK, no spark. How about fuel (power to pump) and to injectors?  If all 
3 --> ignition switch.

If only no spark, cant help. You need to do a logical diagnosis.  
Where's it fail?  Power to the coil? Out?  I have no idea how to 
diagnose the black box.

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> Hello List,
> The patient here is a 95 S6 AAN with 196K miles.  The problem is no 
> spark.
> I tried to blink out the codes but it didn't work following Scott's web
> instructions.  Possibly the light is burnt out as I don't see the MIL 
> when
> the ignition key is turned on.  The car ran fine when I parked it, but 
> when
> we went to start it it had to be jumped, and it didn't start.  I did 
> find a
> bad 15 amp fuse on the passeger's side footwell (the one towards the 
> rear of
> the car) and replace that to no avail, and it didn't blow again.  I'm
> thinking maybe I blew a fuse somewhere when we jumped it?
> Any help is appreciated
> David Toppin
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