[s-cars] Still on 4 cylinders, some background.

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The best valve cleaner int he world is 100% free...water! Well, steam. Ever noticed how if you have a HG leak on 1 cylinder, that cylinder and it's pistons & valves are PERFECTLY clean? So, jsut stem the whole engine. Start car & warm up. Rev to at least 3,000 RPM and pull a SMALL intake vacuum line from whatever device is non-critical (I used the one that goes to the charcoal canister). Shove hose into a bottle of water and watch all the built up crap come pouring out the exhaust. If you have a cat...disconenct it...it WILL get clogged. 

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> Brett Dikeman <quattro at frank.mercea.net> wrote:  
> On Dec 20, 2005, at 10:56 AM, Ingo Rautenberg wrote:
> > Ooh -- likey your theory there, Bob!  May I suggest a Treatment of  
> > SeaFoam to remove any gunk in the lifters (maybe with a dose of  
> > dino oil) for a few hundred miles (up to five hundred) and then an  
> > oil and filter change.  Sure beats having to do a motor swap in his  
> > weather ;-)
> I googled around on SeaFoam, and came across a Jeep owner's forum.
> Conclusion: in the intake, helps remove carbon deposits (similar to  
> MOPAR's combustion chamber cleaner.)  In the crankcase, helps clean  
> up sludge and such, but one guy with a leaking rear main seal had a  
> dramatic failure of the seal days after the treatment.  Reasonable  
> conclusion by those in the forum was that the seal was being held  
> together on a thread by deposits (varnish/carbon/whatever) or that  
> the SeaFoam weakened the rubber.  Either way, some advised against  
> putting the stuff in the crankcase.
> If the engine has been run on Mobil1 for any period of time,  
> internals should be nice and clean.
> Seems a little suspicious that a cylinder with a bad lifter would ace  
> a compression test...?  I've also never heard of lifter 'failure',  
> just them getting noisy on the 10v's.
> Us British Car guys use it in the gas tank - one can for about 8  gallons, then drive the car for a while. Seems to clean out gunk in the  intake system pretty well. Hadn't really heard about putting it in the  crankcase, though....
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