UrQ vs FD RX-7

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 11:48:57 EST 2005

Other than in terms of all-wheel-drive traction, there is no way you're
going to match the performance of an FD with an UrQ for $10k.

Phil Mische (IIRC) brought a 20v UrQ with a big turbo to S-fest '05 and that
would eclipse the FD, but I don't think you're getting that kind of setup
for $10k.

I would keep the FD- the R1 is a very rare model and worth holding on to
unless you find a serious enthusiast to buy it and you're happy with the
sale price.


On 12/23/05, David <duandcc_forums at cox.net> wrote:
> I'm considering selling my 1993 RX-7 R1 to finance a UrQ. I think I can
> get $8-9,000 for it without having to put anything other than a little
> cleaning time into it. Or $15k if I put a $2,000 paint job. But, I'll admit,
> I am addicted to the performance of the FD. So, with that in mind, for
> roughly $10,000, can I get an UrQ in decent shape and get it to perform
> anywhere near an FD? The FD with the R1 package weighs in at #2,800 and has
> 255hp & 217 lb.ft. of torque (11 pounds per horsepower) and does 0-60 in
> 4.9 and pulls 1.0g on the skidpad. So? Is it realistic? I'm hoping for a
> 1984+ but I REALLY want it to be Helios Metalic Blue...
> Dave
> 1987 CGT 2.3
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