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I have taken away the glove box, had to use a flashlight to find the 2 Philip Screws which were on top of the glove box, then I removed a plastic cover with insulation on the top, this plastic cover is held on by a nut on the right to same frame bracket which supports right side of glove box + a Philips Screw on the left screwed upwards, easy to remove. I then saw what I assume is the recirculation flap. The evap coil visible behind recirc flap. Vacuumed out leaf and dirt debris around evap coil.
What is this black tube like thing hanging on the left in front of evap coil?
I removed the recirculation flap unscrewing 2 long Philip Screws left and right. the insulation in front was intact but there is a spongy molding around the back edge which seems to have shifted. In the middle of this recirc flap there is a round plastic piece 4 cm in diameter with a rising in the middle with a hole in it. I think there is the spring that should be attaching this part to the air recirc servo  Cannot find this spring. I removed recir flap and cleaned it. Will put on similar molding. 

When I feel in behind recirc flap in front of evap coil I feel this round gadget which is moving but not removable, making a hollow rubbery noise. I think this is the air recirculation servo. What do I do next?

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  thanks for the followup.  Now to find some time... 8-(

  happy holidays,


  Max Hoepli <mhoepli at vif.com> wrote:
    I received this as a good answer:

    Your recirc flap actuator is probably broken. This is a very well  
    known problem with type 44 audi's, and is pretty easy to fix. To  
    check, remove the glove compartment, and, with the car running, and  
    the heat on, look up at the recirc flap. It should be pulled up,  
    sealing up the opening into the interior of the car. What happens  
    though is that the mount for the actuator brea! ks, and the door stays  
    in the recirc position all the time. I think the dealers have a kit  
    to fix this, but I did my own fix. It happened so long ago now that I  
    don't remember how I did it. Also, I hear sometimes the spring breaks.

    Also, if you use the audifans.com web site, you'll probably find a  
    more detailed write up on this issue. Many people have had this  
    problems. I'd say almost all type 44 audis experience this problem at  
    some point.

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      can't wait to see what you get for responses...  I just bought a 1990 100 (very similar system) for a new driver in the house and have the same issue. From past experience, it's always been either sucking moisture, as in a pile of leaves/crud stuck in the intake, or no fresh air intake.

      I did clean a pile of crap out of mine, which seemed to help a little but I'm pretty sure the real problem is I have a flap inop somewhere. I haven't had a chance to get a good look but I don't have an obvious "fresh air" or "recirc" bottom so I question how you get fresh air when temps get below freezing if they rely on the a/c system to get the moisture out. No surprise my a/c is also inop..! .. hmmm coincidence ?  8-)


      Max Hoepli <mhoepli at vif.com> wrote:
        Hello All!

        I have a 1986 Audi 5000 Quattro 4 door, the heating works, it becomes hot inside car, though the windows can fog, especially in the back, and fogs faster when there are more people inside the car. The rear defogger functions, when degogger is turned off, the back light will fog, turning the defogger on again, the back light will unfog. The windows have been tinted. When turned on to "Auto" the vents on the left and right edges of the dash will unfog side windows in the front, better that center vents be turned off to have more air exiting from the edge vents. At times I am driving with a very warm front cabin with temperature showing "HI" with outside temperature of -4C but with foggy windows. 
        I wonder if the vent like slots behind the! rear speakers below the back light have any role in this issue of windows fogging. On the outside at the bottom of C-pillar, just behind rear quarter window, there is a plastic covered section, painted the same as! the body, I can peek in behind this vent like cover. I wonder if this has any role in the fogging of windows?

        Any suggestions to the solution of this fogging? 

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