84 4ksq Timing Belt Catastrophe...HELP!

Alex Kowalski akowalsk at comcast.net
Tue Feb 1 21:39:49 EST 2005

Oh, man.  Hey, you know, when you're talkin' about destroying your motor, it's all horseshoes and hand grenades anyhow.  As the late great Richard Petty once said, "You're gonna run the bitch 'till she blows up anyway!"

Where do you buy the timing belt from?  Mezcal Manufacturing, Inc.?  But if it works for you, dude, more pressure to ya. 

Bottoms up!
Alex Kowalski
'87 5KCSTQ

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>Date: Tue Feb  1 21:02:31 2005
>Subject: 84 4ksq Timing Belt Catastrophe...HELP!
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>The impact has 325 ft-lb in forward, close enough by my reckoning.  Of
>course by then the timing has already been set, and won't likely change even
>if the crank moves a bit.  No issues so far...


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>> I was using one of those generic springbars to pry on something a while
>> back and the thing broke.  Wouldn't have been a good thing in Audiland.
>> So, Bernie, you use up to 450 Ft. Lb. of hammering impact to loosen the
>> bolt but how do you tighten to the spec of 350 ft.lb. without something to
>> keep the engine from spinning?

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