need advice on smoking A4

no1of consequence iin10ded at
Wed Feb 2 13:53:13 EST 2005

kent - i was going to comp check it today. from what i can find online as 
far as procedure [bentley is in the mail..]:

warm up engine, pull all plugs, pull fuel pump fuse, install gauge and cycle 
engine 5 or 6 times. repeat for all cyl's.  i'm ASSUMING that its ok to just 
disconnect each coil plug ? any idea if they have to be grounded, like in 
the old cars, or if the ignition should be disco'd upstream?


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>Subject: Re: need advice on smoking A4
>Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 08:36:57 -0500
>no1of consequence wrote:
>>patient is a 98 a4 1.8t. quat, 5spd with 108k. it started smoking the 
>>other day, i noticed a puff at startup, and a bit thereatfer, after a 
>>minute or so it would stop. it pretty much never smokes when driving 
>I'd start with the basics.  Do a compression check, both wet
>and dry. Also have the cooling system pressure tested for leaks.
>Those results will determine the next step in the diagnosis.
>Kent McLean
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