no spark! 87 4kq

Shawn Manny shawn.manny at
Fri Feb 4 09:40:00 EST 2005

ARGH..if its not one thing....after dropping $50 at our FLAP for a new
fuel pump relay, tried to crank the car, it caught then died...and
never caught again...we thinks it to be a dead coil...whats the method
to be sure and what else should I check? We pulled a plug, grounded it
out and still no spark.Using an OHM meter we saw the coil had power
with the ignition on, but when keying it to start it there was
nothing, we took this to mean dead coil and will be relacing it
soon...assuming its not 24k gold like the damn relay. Just to bring
you up to speed:
new cap,rotor,wires,fuel pump,fuel pump relay, new fuel filters,
recent plugs (4 months), we've got fuel for sure...HELP I wanna get
this car done so I can get the exhuast made and
register/inspect/emsission test it!


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