Starter intermittent

Denis sparkplugvw at
Fri Feb 4 11:20:28 EST 2005

  Solenoide probably have oxid contacts.
  Or starter brushes

  By the way check the big short wire between the starter and the solenoide. Often It s an issues. 
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    Hi guys.

    I need your help again.  The patient is 88 90Q.  Lately, the starter has become
    intermittent.  Usually it 
    starts fine, but sometimes just wouldn't budge.  There is current draw (voltmeter needle
    drops to about 
    8V) but no reaction.  I had the starter "rebuilt" about a year ago and would expect it to
    be fine.  Where 
    should I look when I take it apart on the weekend?  For now, I park at high ground just in
    case so I can 
    push start it.

    88 90Q
    91 V8Q

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