cat bypass on urs4

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Mon Feb 7 05:32:12 EST 2005

   Put this strictly into the FWIW department.

My first turbo car, a 1994 Eagle Talon TSi, had no cat.

It was smelly, loud, and generally unacceptable to society.  I felt guilty 
every time I romped on the throttle, and standing beside the car as it idled 
could be fatal.

My current turbo car is a modified Miata, to which I've fitted a high-flow 
cat.  This is a much improved beast (in oh so many ways ;) )  but in 
particular it sounds better and I feel better knowing that I'm not doing my 
share to support the brown smudge that hangs over the city.

   Again, FWIW.


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>Date: Mon,  7 Feb 2005 09:50:28 +0000
> > Just wondering what the collective has to say on this type of mod, i am
>able to my hands on a pair of cats for my urs4 and i fancy knocking out the
>guts of the cat and installing a through pipe in both.
>Beware of Audi's pricing strategies - an "exchange" cat is one HELL of a
>loty cheaper that a straight purchase unit.  Whatever you do, always retain
>a couple of exchangeable units.
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