Making sedan seats fold-80-90 sedan rear seat in a CGT?

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Since you don't mind modding the seats a little...might I suggest a set of Recarro Trophy seats? You can snag them from a Mk II Jetta GLi or Golf GTi, both had flippers even though the GLi was a 4-door. Easy to mod to get to fit a typ85 (all you need is a torch and BFH to bend in the rear rales by about 1/2") and  they are right smart looking if you ask me...

1987 CGT 2.3

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> Subject: Making sedan seats fold-80-90 sedan rear seat in a CGT?
> A little history. Some of you may know that my other sickness is Mopars. A 
> few years ago I had a '64 Dodge coupe that needed a front seat. I was informed 
> that a sedan seat (they were split in the middle for an arm rest) could be made 
> to fold by pulling one bolt at the outer ends. It worked, not magic, I 
> suppose it was just industrial efficiency. Why make two seat bases? 
> Audi Content: In the last month I have been followed home by two Audis. A '91 
> 90 Quattro and an '82 Coupe. I am unhappy with the Coupe seats as far as 
> lumbar support goes. I notice that early road tests confirm this. If this wasn't 
> the case, it appears that switching the covers from newer seats to older ones 
> would be a piece of cake. I am unlikely to find folding Coupe seats from a 
> later model, because production was low. 
> Believing as I do, that the $2.00 admission fee to my local pick-a-part 
> covers a lot of damage, I have been rather free with a utility knife. It appears 
> that most Audis that I have cut into already have the hole in the upper backrest 
> for the release lever. Release levers through the VAG line appear to be 
> similar, if not identical. I have found that there are two bolts at the backrest 
> mount to seat base on four doors and one bolt on Coupes. Removal of the rear 
> bolt permits the seat to fold forward. It also appears that this bolt hole is in 
> the same position as the swivel mount for the release catch on the Coupes. 
> Not being ruthless with putting seats "under the knife" I didn't try this 
> with any Type 44's.
> So, I think it can be done. Any prior experience out there?
> Has anyone tried a 80 or 90 sedan seat in the rear of a CGT? I think 
> upholstery should match.
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