well, guess i'm not going Audi.....

Mike LaRosa mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 10:16:58 EST 2005

bought a mercedes last night...

Guess Carter and Allan are off the hook :)

Thanks Guys for stepping up anyway!


Here's my notes...

Okay, went to see it last night with my 1 million
candlepower flashlight,
no joke on the light :)


I was all over the body, crawled underneath, not a
speck of rot on the
rockers, feeled around and looked at the wheel lips,
solid, no hint of rust.

Took the full size spare out, no rust.

Original Dark blue paint, couple scratches, not even a
door ding.  Interior is flawless.  Dark blue
leather/leatherette ?

Literally no rips or tears, hardly even any wear. 
jackies 2003 a4 with 20k miles had more wear on the

it's got 157k on it.

tranny was smooth,  engine ran good, you could feel
the turbo kick in
when you hit the gas,  not bad power at all.

Had no issue accelerating up hills, steep hills in

cruised at 70mph nicely.  can i buzz along at 80-90mph
in this thing ?

Has the "price is right" wheel for temp control in
celsius of course :)

Massive friggin sunroof slid back quickly, all windows
work, rears chugged
a bit going down.

the orignal rims have been re-finished

New GoodYear tires,  also set of 4 studded snow tires,
all tires look nearly new.

Good Heat, A/C was cold.

Built in whistler 2000 I think it was a 2000 ?

a little toggle switch under the dash, no clue what it
was and neither did the owener guessing security...

keyfob remote starter

Aftermarket am/fm/cd player, no dashboard hacking...


driver side fog light slight fog inside lens

Some sludge on the motor.  Needs a valve cover gasket,
master cyclinder was wet
where the reservoir sits on the master cyclinder,
sludge on top of the tranny

Some sort of hose connecting the air filter cover to
the valve cover had sludge on both ends,  egr ?

The only squeal or rattle was the seats themselves....

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