Competition Ltd Harness Wiring

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Feb 14 15:08:18 EST 2005

> I'm installing a Comp Ltd harness in my '90 200 for single H4 non-turbo
> euro lights.
> It's all easy enough except for the trigger which is setup to plug into
> the older headlight harnesses (at least here in the US) with dual sealed
> beams.  So, I went out to an '80 5k parts car and snipped the headlight
> connector off, then clipped the 9004 connector off my '90 and wired up
> the older connector, brown to brown, yellow to yellow and white to white
> basically just hoping Audi kept the wiring the same from '80 to '90.
> I now had the appropriate connector on my factory harness, plugged it
> into the Comp Ltd harness, and I have lights on low beam (unk if they
> are high or low) and no change when I flip to high beam.
> What am I missing? 

The three spade connector sockets for old sealed beam headlights are not 
exactly a "standard" - the large sealed beams have the same pinout as a 
H4 bulb, but the smaller sealed beams have two wires swapped.

Since it sounds like you have no instructions or schematic for the CU 
harness, why not just experiment with a fused 12v wire and a ground wire 
until you figure out which harness terminal is which?

One thing that might help get you started is that the ground wire 
probably goes to both low and high relays, whereas the high and low beam 
signals will only go to one relay each.  If you can even follow the 
wires, that is.

On your Audi, by the way, brown = ground, yellow = low (dipped) and 
white = high.

Huw Powell

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