Strange "clank" noise

Paul O'Connor poconr at
Mon Feb 14 15:48:09 EST 2005

This is kind of odd.
After a complete rebuild on a '86 5000CSTQ, finally
got the engine running and while it is idling, I hear
a strange clank noise coming from towards the rear of
the engine.  I'm thinking either near the wastegate,
or in the rear of the head.  No real periodicity or
rythym to the clank, it just comes randomly.  
So I turn the engine off, and for about the next ten
minutes I hear the same noise from the same area in
random intervals.  Still can't figure out where it is
coming from.  I checked myself to see if I had been
smoking anything, and I had not been. Anybody familiar
with this ghost story?

Paul O'Connor
'86 5000CSTQ Almost reborn.

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