200tq low voltage

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us
Mon Feb 14 15:59:59 EST 2005

My '90 200 had the splice, it was kinda hard to see, had to pull back
some carpet and contort my neck in ways that keep my acupuncturist in
business ;)

I think the first issue is your gauge, they never read accurately.  At
the very least give it a dedicated ground.  Also check the actual
voltage at the battery and the post up front vs what your gauge says;
I'll bet you find no less than ~13 at the batt or post even when your
gauge reflects 11 or 12.

Keith L

>>> Kurt Deschler <desch at alum.wpi.edu> 02/14/05 01:44PM >>>
Subject is an 89 200tq. Guage on dash displays 11-12V with the heater 
on high and the headlights on. Appro 14V with all accessories off. The

(aftermarket) radio seems to have some alternator whine. I have
done the following already:

Replaced alternator and tightened belt
Clean batter cable connections and grounds at battery, starter, and
Cleaned fuse box relay connections.
Removed spade near jumper post on connector on blue stator wire
Relayed headlights (helped some)
Checked grounds on intake, valve cover, and above left side kick panel

The car does not appear to have the infamous battery cable splice. Is
5ks only? I found no ground connection above the right side kick panel.

Another oddity is that the positive battery terminal seems to run
hot even after cleaning its connection. I cannot determine where the 
power feeds to the fuse box originate. Any other BTDTs would be

Another problem this car has is that the rear defroster does not work.
replaced the switch (which was burned inside) and that made the heated

mirrors work, but stil no rear defroster.


 	87 5kcstq
 	89 200tq
 	00 s4

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