Secret agent man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed Feb 16 18:17:32 EST 2005

Again, please begin humming the theme from Mission Impossible or Secret Agent 

I drove by both addresses in question today. I can neither confirm or deny 
that the target was at either of the addresses. 

The Haddonfield address looked to be an apartment above some sort of 
converted home, that is now a store of some type on the first floor. It looked kind of 
odd between a bank on the corner to it's right, and a row of small shops to 
it's left. There is a "Apartment for Lease" sign on the front lawn. The target 
may or may not be at this address.

The Cherry Hill address is a residence. The home was a horrible color I can 
only describe as a sun faded light lime green. There was no cars or Audi's at 
either address except for a beat-up red Eclipse or Talon in the street in front 
of the Cherry Hill address.

I captured digital images of both target areas.

My wife thinks I'm crazy and have lost a few more marbles :0

The mission ended safely with no casualties, 

Secret Agent AUDIJIM

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