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Wed Feb 16 20:28:43 EST 2005

"Fast lane" what's that ?........I find that people have no concept of 
what a fast lane is....I also think that a lot of people currently on 
the road would not pass a driving test...but then again don't get me 
started on  "retards behind the wheel"...oh cab drivers too they think 
they own the road.

Location: Ottawa/Hull

Ah this is a cop stories subject:

Me and my whife to be at that time (quite some time a go), were driving 
through a lage park, we see some cars stopped, and an accident further a 

In the middle of the road is an RCMP (for non Canadians it's a cop that 
has Canada wide juristiction) directing cars.  The cars a head of me 
were moving very slowly and when my turn finally came up, I realized 
why.  The cop looked like he had muscle spasims...I looked at my fiancee 
and said what the hell is he gesturing ? should I go, not go, change 
lanes or roll over and play dead ? She replied "I have no clue".  So I 
drive up slowly, he tells me to stop right next to him and let's me have 
.....BLAH BLAH BLAH !!".  We were both stupidified and after the stupid 
cloud wore off I felt quite ANGRY!!

But what can you do ....

Mitchell Segal wrote:

>I guess you all forgot your lessons from driving school (if you ever had to
>go to a driving school to get a license).  
>They teach you to always keep your eyes moving.  Every 8-10 seconds, you
>should have scanned all around you.  Your eyes should be moving from ahead -
>instrument panel - ahead - rear mirror - ahead - left/right mirror - ahead,
>etc.  Reason being to always be aware of everything going on around you, to
>always be on the defensive, because we all know how stupid the next driver
>is, how they can (and usually do) the wierdest things when you least expect
>Except on the darkest nights out in the country, with no moon light, there's
>no escuse for not being able to see another car, even one with their lights
>off.  I have many times caught sight of cops hiding in the shadows with no
>lights long before they can catch me (although I must admit it's much easier
>here in Quebec, the idiots sit only in the U-Turns, with engines running and
>all their lights on, so you can spot them a mile away).
>I'd say that for most drivers, the only time they use their mirrors is when
>changing lanes or backing up.  Otherwise, they treat them like their turn
>signals.  They came with the car, but I didn't order them, so that means I
>have to use them.
>How many times have you been driving in the fast lane and come up to a
>slower car sitting in the left when there's no one to their right.  You can
>then see their faces look in the mirror, have this surprised look on their
>face like "where did you just come from all of a sudden" and then move
>right.  Had they been looking in their mirrors all the time, they would have
>noticed other cars gaining on them, and they would have moved over before
>you got there (if you were lucky. That's all assuming they weren't chatting
>on a cell phone, or are just ignorant drivers).
>My moral is, it's almost never 100% black at night, so if you were watching
>your mirrors and paying attention, more than likely you would have seen them
>approaching, even without the lights.  If it was really "that" dark out that
>it was completely black, then I doubt the cops could be driving that fast
>without some kind of lights on, unless they've also been issued night-vision
>That's my rant for today.
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>>I once got pulled over for doing 10 over on the interstate (Mass Pike).
>>12:30 at night, just minding my own business, empty road, right lane.
>>All of a sudden my V1 lights up solid. WTF?
>>Instinctive brake test.
>>Lights go on *directly* behind me.
>>The guy had pulled up behind me with *no* lights, fingered his radar and
>>when I braked, he lit things up.
>>I have a sneaking suspicion, unproveable of course, that if I hadn't
>>(this tipping him off to my use of a radar detector), he would have gone
>>to bigger fish.
>>Kinda pissed me off. Of course, I was speeding, and I did pay the fine.
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