Coated in Oil

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Fri Feb 18 20:14:21 EST 2005

Just a guess.
Oil cooler in front of right wheel.
Mine is always wet, but no drips on the ground...yet.
87 5KT

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Vehicle: 1986 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro Avant

I'm hoping that one of you will have an idea what may have caused a good
portion of my car to have a thin veneer of oil down the entire right

I was washing the car for the first time in a couple of months.  When I
got to the front bumper cover it had an oil film with dirt adhered to it
on the lower section of the right side.  I figured I might've had
something oily splash onto it and the dirt was just from the road.  As I
started washing the right side I noticed the entire car, from the door
moldings down, had that same oil film.

The oil has been changed regularly and there's no leaks. (none apparent
under the hood or in my parking space)  The oil level was fine.  The
reservoir for the mineral oil was at the lower of the two lines so I
topped that off.  Coolant and brake fluid containers were dry and the
levels were fine.

This car regularly give me a warning that the coolant level is low. (red
triangle with a thermometer)  I attributed this to a couple of bad wire
connections at the MFTS.

Anyone got a guess as to what might've caused it?  Any suggestions of
where to look for a source of the oil?

Thanks in advance,
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