Intercooler Questions

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Feb 18 23:31:11 EST 2005

MArk:  There was some discussion of those volume Q's at Javad's forum and
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> From: "Mark and Aviva Woodland" <>
> Greetings listers.
> Just a call to ask if anyone has a 5KT Intercooler (or two) lying around in
> nasty shape, i.e.cracked or blown off end caps.
> I'm thinking of assembling a double core, single pass system, and also
> wonder if there's such a thing as too much A) cooling capacity, or B)
> internal intercooler volume.. possibly adding to lag.
> Any BTDTs would be appreciated.
> Mark
> Central PA

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