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Sat Feb 19 10:01:55 EST 2005

If you remove the light, you can (carefully) dis-assemble it and 
troubleshoot the adjuster. It can be overtraveled and have the threaded 
portion 'disconnect' from the arm. Avoid touching the chrome surround. 
There are flat 'clamping' tabs that hold the surround in - you can 
insert a straight screwdriver from behind to spread and release them. 
Once the surround is off you can pretty easily see how everything else 
works. If an adjuster is broken the plastic can be superglued. You 
should used white lithium to lubricate the adjusters and moving contact 
I do this on every used set I get from Germany as a matter of course. 
The older ones get corroded up and just need a bit of attention to make 
them right as rain again.
I've rescued 100/200 and 3 sets of V8 euros this way.

Dave - still trying to find 1 V8 vacuum adjuster - will swap the manual 
adjuster to you!

Keith Lawyer wrote:

>So I got after the euro aiming issue in earnest last nite.  I discovered I was able to adjust one light.  
>The other light, however, simply appears to be defective as best I can tell; there simply seems to not be enough room to allow for swing of the reflector.  I remembered that this light - and only this light - had the vertical adjuster popped out of the backside when I received it.  For those who don't know, the base of the adjuster (just under the white knob) will twist out as it's retained with three tabs which are keyed - one larger tab and two smaller ones.
>I removed the light from the car and took a close look at the adjuster, but it's not stripped.  I then reinstalled the light with the adjuster removed.  This allowed me to swing the reflector by hand throughout it's entire range of movement while the light was installed in the car.  Bottom line, it won't swing up enough, even if I use the available slop in the upper mounting holes.
>The other light, however, happily went much higher (and seemingly had even more to go) with the adjuster alone.  There is no body damage I can see that would affect headlamp aim, all looks straight and true and both lights mount in the same manner.  One goes high enough, one does not.
>I'm left with little conclusion but the light is somehow defective.  On this "defective" lamp, I did notice that when I received it the adjuster base was popped out and the box had been opened.  Now this was also the box that Import Vision put the bulbs in for shipping, so I can't say if it was first opened by IV to insert the bulbs, or if (as I suspect) a previous customer had already had a similar experience as me, thus also perhaps explaining why the adjuster base had been twisted out, ie someone was inspecting the adjuster just as I did last nite.
>I plan to contact IV, dunno what they'll say.
>In the meantime I had to get this going, so I drilled two holes for the upper mounts just behind the existing ones, this allowed me to pull the top of the light back much more, but it bugs me as the light is obviously no longer at the same slope as the grille, the top of it tucks under the hood a bit, and the marker lamp no longer lines up w the body lines.
>Unzubbing for the weekend, later!
>Keith L
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