Problems with the Family Album. "Hardlock Error 17"

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Feb 21 17:53:17 EST 2005

Steve Scalamini's directions worked for me on XP home version:

1) Do a full install of ETKA5/EPC5 to the hard drive
> (i.e. run EPCSETUP.EXE on the ETKA5/EPC5 CD).
> 2) Copy all files in the CD's ET_PROG.NT4 (or
> EPC_PROG.NT4) directory to the C:\ET_PROG (or
> C:\EPC_PROG) ***EXCEPT*** the .INI (Configuration
> Settings  type) files AND LEXHDL5.DLL (do ***NOT***
> overwrite those!).
> 3) Copy LEXHDL5.DLL from the CD's ET_PROG.W95
> directory to the C:\ET_PROG (or C:\EPC_PROG)
> directory.
> 4) Try to run it (i.e. select Start, Programs, ETKA5,
> EPC5).

At 09:33 AM 2/21/2005 -0500, TWFAUST at wrote:
>I have installed the album under Windows XP. I did not load it to the "C" 
>drive, I loaded it to a subsidiary drive. In my case "J". After selecting a 
>and model, when I attempt to open the pictures I receive:
>> "Hardlock Error 17". 
>Any suggestions? My monitor is 20" and is set at 1280 x 1024 before 
>attempting to run it.
>Tom Faust
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