85 Coupe GT ETKA family help for hoses?

Chris Hall badcomrade at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 12:27:50 EST 2005

Hello there...

I was just wondering if anyone here has one of those CD-Roms with the
part numbers for my car.  I am looking to replace all of the vacuum
hoses, and can only seem to find 3 different ones online (the one that
holds the ISV, the one that always collapses, and I think that long
one that runs underneath the throttle body in to... where's that one
go again? lol).

Also, I was wondering about the rubber hose on the bottom of that long
metal vacuum pipe that runs down the driver's side of the car.  My
hose just slides on to the metal pipe, and on to the little "vent"
pipe on the bottom of the engine.  Do you think there should be hose
clamps on that little 3" piece of rubber hose to try and prevent the
possibility of a vacuum leak?  Anyone done that just for extra

Thank You,  

Chris Hall
badcomrade at gmail.com
"making girls cry since 1974"

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