NAC Starting Problem

Richard J Lebens rick-l at
Thu Feb 24 10:55:39 EST 2005

He needs to see if the relay is being energized by the ignition switch.
 Have him put a voltmeter across the small wire on the relay to
chassis.  No volmeter.. how about a small 12 v light bulb.  If the
ignition switch puts a voltage across the relay coil (or the light
lights) celebrate and go buy a relay at the parts store.  f not

--- Eric Langheinrich <eric at> wrote:

> I know this is the wrong list to publish this on, but since my little
> brother is away at school and I can't be there to help him, I thought
> I'd at least see if anyone here had any ideas....
> He has a 1991 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 5 speed manual. He has started having
> a problem where sometimes when he turns the key, the starter won't
> turn or click at all. Generally, after screwing around for a couple
> of minutes, finally, he would be able to turn the key and his truck
> would start right up. In the last week, it has stopped working
> altogether. He turns the key and nothing. 
> He has done the following to it now:
> 1) replaced starter
> 2) replaced the lead from the battery to the relay.
> If he takes jumper cables and connects the battery directly to the
> relay, the starter turns over with no problem. In order to do this
> there is a small wire that is removed from the relay first. 
> Yes, I know there is probably a bit of detail missing from this post,
> including where the small wire goes, but since I'm at least 700 miles
> away from him.
> Anyway, again, I'm sorry for posting this here, but I am really
> hoping someone will have some ideas on what to do next to figure out
> what's wrong. 
> My first thought is that it's either the ignition switch (except that
> when he turns the key, the radio and dash lights work), or some sort
> of neutral safety on the transmission.
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